Thoth as You

Thoth is a moveable sign. It indicates an upcoming change or alteration of some kind relating to the question or this position in the reading.
The Good News:
Thoth covers all forms of learning from simple skills to advanced education. He was also the Lord of Time, so all aspects of karma are covered by this card, including Good Fortune if upright or bad luck if reversed.

Thoth was the keeper of the Akashic Records, the Scribe to the Gods, and the Patron of Healers. His appearance in this position of the reading would indicate that you are skilled in one of the following matters –  akashic healing, karma, healing or health, the law, alchemy (or its modern equivalents), or education in all of its forms. Alternatively, it may imply that acquiring knowledge for the sake of knowledge is something that you love to do.

He is associated with the Throat Chakra (self-expression) and relates to the planet Mercury (again, communication). In alchemical terms (and he was the original inventor of alchemy), he is associated with Oil of Mercury. He created order out of Chaos. Do you do the same?

The (possibly) Not so Good news:
Thoth is the card that would indicate that the relationship about which you are asking very firmly forms part of your life lessons this time around. It’s a fundamental part of what you’ve come to Earth to learn during this lifetime. This may or may not indicate a learning journey for you. Thoth is also controls healing and health so it’s possible that you are feeling a little drained by the situation.

Overall: Thoth is one of the wisest of the Oracle Cards. Thoth himself was an advisor to the King, he knew exactly what needed to be done. He was a magician and a powerful manifestor.

And whereas Horus and Bast deal with physical and mental healing, Thoth is the third major healing card in the Cartouche. His energy helps you identify the real cause of any health problem (or karmic debt) and tackle it. Thoth is inextricably linked with Karma – so if you’re feeling out of sorts, it’s definitely the right card to trigger some self-contemplation about your relationship’s current trajectory – and if it’s the best one for you both.

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