The Ankh was the symbol of new life in ancient Egypt, and was even referred to as the Key to Life. It was believed to convey the power of the gods to unlock the door to immortality.

In this context, it means life force, understanding and emotional love rather than being a symbol of sexual promiscuity, which is the meaning that modern society has tried to assign to it.

Instead, its true meaning is a type of life force that is all about universal love and a balanced existence. If you find this card in your reading today then it is talking about finding the desire to live a life doing the things  you love with the people you love. How can you find that enthusiasm in yourself today?

Egyptian Symbol: the Key to life
Egyptian Identity: the power of the gods to unlock the door to immortality
Nature: Moveable

Upright meanings of Card:
  • Life force
  • Understanding
  • Emotional love
Reversed meanings of Card:
  • Death
  • Withdrawal
  • Rejection
  • Infatuation

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