Osiris as You

Osiris is a fixed sign. It indicates a stabilising effect. The condition it refers to doesn’t necessarily need to change.
The Good News:
Osiris represents the energies of wisdom, justice, and integrity. He’s kind, responsible, and trustworthy. Osiris showing up in this position would indicate that you share many of the same qualities.

Osiris is very traditional and represents a desire to do things ‘properly’. He was also very spiritual and a deep thinker. Typically, this means that that you like to act as fairly as you can at every level of life. You are inherently wise and always seek the best outcome for everyone.

The Not so Good News
Occasionally, Osiris can bring with him quite a heavy air of responsibility or required reliability. Do you sometimes feel as if you have to step up and take control or responsibility for something that feels like a big ask? Do you always have to take the role of the grown-up in this relationship? How does that sit with you?

Osiris is also a figure of authority who can sometimes try to impose his will on others. This can take the form of being overly bossy and dictatorial. Are you totally supportive of your partner’s needs? Or do you feel that you know what they need, better than they do?

Osiris was a great leader, he held the interests of his subjects close to his heart and he was beloved by many. If Osiris shows up for you here, then be assured that it shows you want to be fair and to do the ‘right thing’ when it comes to this question. Any decision that you come to will have been considered in a responsible way.

Osiris is associated with the Root Chakra (to do with feeling safe and secure). He was also associated with the planet Saturn and (from an alchemical point of view) Oil of Lead. Colours that are associated with Osiris are Black and Green – the colours of regeneration.

Meditation on the Osiris card can help relieve tension and inspire the kind of positivity that is needed to deal with difficulties rather than succumb to them. Osiris is the God-King – so if this card appears for you, trust that you already have the answers you need. Or if that’s not possible, trust that you possess the ability to easily identify the person who can help you satisfy your needs.

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