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May 2020

What’s going on in your world this month?

Card Reading - Lotus

Reason for

Lotus appearing in this position isn’t particularly a surprise. In fact, none of the cards are a surprise. As ever, straightforward, no fluff advice from the Cartouche.

Lotus – relaxation, mental health, stress release. We’re all about as stressed as we can be, while at the same time, the lucky ones amongst us are being insulated from real life. So, we’re stressed… but we’re not. No mad commutes. No rush to get the kids to school. If we’re lucky enough to still have a job, it’s much more solitary than it’s ever been.

And it’s more peaceful around and about because most of us are safe at home. Traffic and noise pollution are considerably lower than they would normally be.

Free Healing Card Reading, Card Reading - Thoth

Cause of the Problem​

Medical. Legal. Governmental authority. Education being closed down. That’s fairly as expected. But Thoth is also the card of Karma. Which perhaps isn’t as expected.

This is what’s hanging over us. No-one knows what’s going on, or when it will end. As a generation, this will always affect us – even if just via the memories of a year where we had to stay home.

Medicine is where we’re hanging our hopes. That and on the world’s governments being able to invent enough money to keep the economy from fatally falling over. Who knows if either of these things will happen.

There are karmic lessons here. We need to learn them.

Card Reading - Set

Factors to be Considered​

Well, Set. There’s a shocker. Obstacles, delays, problems at every level. And most of them caused by something we’ve contributed to as a species.

It’s all very dark at the moment. No-one can spin this sows ear into silk purse. At least not right now.

If we stay safe and stay home (if we can), then this delay in our lives may (MAY) contribute to a ‘flattening of the curve’. Elongating the experience may have the effect of keeping the impact of this pandemic closer to the capacities of our health services. 

And the undeniable slowing down of life in general is giving a lot of people pause for thought. Do we really want to return to the craziness we once considered to be ‘normal’?

Card Reading - Pyramid

Advice Offered​

Pyramid is also not a massive surprise to find in this position. Its advice? Have patience. Stay calm. Let the people who can help, help. The rest of us? Well, we need get the hell out of the way and let them get on with it. We need to stop adding to the problem. It’s going to take time to fix this.

But there’s another aspect to Pyramid which is enormously relevant in this situation. Evolution of the soul.

When was the last time you had the opportunity to consider what you really, truly wanted out of life? And what you really, truly wanted to contribute to the world?

The lucky amongst us are safe at home. We have the time, the space and the opportunity to change ourselves, and everything else for the better.

Life cannot continue on its previous path. This is your sign from the universe that if you want to make the world a better place by becoming the best version of you, then there has never been a better time for you to evolve your soul.

Card Reading - Bast


Imagine the satisfaction of a cat, having delicately picked its way through a maze of mousetraps. This is the energy that Bast is telling us our future holds. IF we follow the rules.

Bast is all about mental healing. Joy and happiness. Intuition, caution, protection, devotion. All of the things that we are praying for right now.

She’s about generosity and grace. She’s a totem that we are all aspiring to. A solution to this pandemic. 

There’s an undeniable hint of sadness to Bast sometimes. She’s had to go through the dark times to appreciate the good. Her joy is only meaningful in the context of the sadness that she’s experienced.  But she’s learned from that sadness to appreciate everything. To look for reasons to be happy and loving. 

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to do the same.

Card Reading - Osiris

Overall Theme​

Osiris as the overall theme of the reading talks of wisdom, integrity and stability. A responsibility to keep others safe. And this is the first time (that I can think of) that the world has truly tried to work together to overcome something that’s bigger than its petty squabbles, turf wars and grudges.

Osiris is the symbol of authority. We’re being asked to do what we’re told.

For now.

Osiris wasn’t perfect (no-one is), but he tried to rule benevolently. There are a lot of conspiracy theories and grumblings about oppression and imprisonment right now.

But when it comes down to it, we all need to remember that we are responsible to… and for ourselves.

Stay safe,

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