Set is the bad boy of the Cartouche cards. In mythology he was the one that tried to kill Osiris, and was historically the Enemy of Horus, Osiris’ son. The energies that this card brings along with it are associated with opposition delays and problems at all levels.

If Set appears for you today, then you’re probably already acutely aware of the hold ups, delays and opposition that you might have already experienced. Ironically,  when you find Set in your Reading, most of the setbacks, worries and delays that you are experiencing can be put down to some sort of self-sabotage. 

Yes – there are problems but when you look closely at them are you totally sure that you’re not a contributing factor? Are you holding yourself back in some way? Do you truly desire the result you are asking about? In this overall position, ask yourself if what you want is truly the right thing for you.

Card Reading - Set

Egyptian Symbol: a fictional Typhonian animal
Egyptian Identity: Prince of Darkness, Enemy of Osiris and Horus
Hieroglyph: The KHAT, or Physical Body (that which is liable to decay)
Nature: Moveable

Upright Meanings:
  • Opposition
  • Delays and problems at all levels
Reversed Meanings:
  • Malign intent at all levels

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