Energy reading
14-21 April 2020

What’s going on in your world this week?

Weekly Energy Reading 14-21 April 2020
Card Reading - Scarab

Reason for

Scarab is all about having to accept what is in order to be able to move forward. I have to accept that I can’t go out (and neither can most other people). Scarab is a new phase of life, but only after having been stuck first. Once we’ve accepted the new reality, things will ease.

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Cause of the Problem​

Medical. Legal. Governmental authority. That’s fairly as expected. It’s also the card of Karma. Which perhaps isn’t as expected.

Card Reading - Ptah

Factors to be Considered​

Technology. The world has retreated and is now taking place digitally. But Ptah is all about inventions. We’ll need to innovate our way out of this one. But the will to do that is there, and we’re getting a glimpse of a new way of thinking – people are being kinder to each other. Compassion is no longer seen as weakness. We’re stronger when we help each other.

Card Reading - Lotus

Advice Offered​

Relax. There’s nothing we can do right now other than go inward – get back in touch with ourselves. Meditate. Stay calm. Seek answers from a calmed mind. Breathe in, breathe out.

Card Reading - Fire


Massive, Irreversible, Desperately needed change. To so many things. Some of it is driven by anger about how things have been, and what they have become. Some of it is driven by passion for a better future. But for things to get better, the world as it is right now is being set alight. Phoenix time.

Card Reading - Sirius

Overall Theme​

This is going to change the way we see everything. Universal awareness. Connectivity. We’re going to need some staying power to get through it. And once we do, everything will be different. It’s going to require dogged determination. A combination of physical and mental strength.

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