Horus as Your Lover

Horus is a fixed sign. It indicates a stabilising effect. The condition it refers to doesn’t necessarily need to change.
The Good News:
Horus represents the creative arts and is also representative of the energies of physical healing. Horus is typically depicted as being very attractive, with a popular personality. Music and the Arts were attributed to him and beauty in all forms is represented by this card. Horus represents the family, and specifically a happy family.

Horus was the defender of his family’s honour when he avenged the wrongs that Set committed against his father. As such, when this card appears in this position, it implies that your partner is totally willing and able to defend that which (or who) they hold most dear.

Horus is associated with the Crown Chakra (a connection to the universe and the divine), he was the Sun God and was associated with the most powerful of all the alchemical oils, Oil of Gold. The symbol of the eye of Horus is based closely on the pineal gland and is considered to be a sacred means of protection. He was the husband of Hathor (it would be interesting to see her as the card representing you – if it does, pay close attention to any soul contracts you may have). He was the defeater of the chaos that Set sought to bring.

The Not So Good News:
Horus was also destined to avenge the wrongs done to his father Osiris so this card can represent someone who feels that they have been oppressed or unjustly treated in life. However, it’s also indicative that they often stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves. Horus is brave and heroic. And he is not scared to do what he needs to do to make life better for the people he loves.

Overall: Horus is the happy card. He brings about physical healing, joy in the arts, and a harmonious result. He won through in the end, and when he appears in this position, then your partner should too.

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