Hathor as Your Lover

Hathor is a fixed sign. It indicates a stabilising effect. The condition it refers to doesn’t necessarily need to change.
The Good News:
Hathor is a benevolent badass. She is also the goddess of beauty, love, and strength and the patroness of women. If she appears in this position of the reading, odds on either your partner is like Hathor – a woman who is taking care of business, or their business is about women. Hathor deals with all aspects of life that have historically been associated with women – cooking, hair styling, beauty, clothing, fashion, etc.

Hathor is all about strength, nourishment, femininity, astrology, organisation, and confidence. She is associated with the Heart Chakra (ability to give and received love) and also with the planet Venus. In Alchemical terms, she is associated with Oil of Copper. She’s the Goddess of Motherhood & Childbirth. She’s also the Goddess of love, music, and joy. With a strong hint of sensual power alongside. She was the wife of Horus, so if your partner shows up as Horus, pay extra close attention to any soul contracts you may have.

The Not so Good News:
Hathor carries the strength of a lion. She also sometimes appears as a cow – the symbol of nourishment. Does your partner feel as if that’s what they need right now? Do they need nourishment, or are they concerned that they are providing too much of it to other people, to their own detriment?

Hathor pre-dates Isis in some versions of Egyptian history and is related to the War Goddess Sekhmet. This may or may not present itself as a bit of a temper! Certainly, your partner is unlikely to be a pushover.

Overall, Hathor is strong enough to meet any challenge. She holds within her the energy of strength and love. Your partner does too.

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