Winged Disk as the Dynamic between you

Winged Disk is a moveable sign. It indicates an upcoming change or alteration of some kind relating to the question or this position in the reading.
The Winged Disc is emblematic of the flight of the spirit to higher realms. This is the card of unadulterated success and augurs well for whatever you consider to be an achievement and a positive outcome.

If you see this card in your reading then it’s telling you that you do have access to divine guidance, that you are inspired, and that whatever you consider to represent success is almost guaranteed. Just so long as you can tap into that guidance and inspiration. What does your gut say?

If this card has appeared as ‘your relationship’ in this reading, then it’s likely that as a couple, you make other people (and each other) happy just by virtue of your very existence. You are the feel-good factors.

However, if, despite the appearance of the card that is considered the ‘luckiest’ in the Cartouche deck, you are still concerned about some aspect of your relationship, ask yourself the following questions: Are you spending too much time with your head in the clouds? Are you overthinking? Are you being a bit over-optimistic? Possibly even unrealistic? If you are worried that you are not seeing the full picture, just make sure that you are not following the crowd blindly and deceiving yourself in some way.

If you need further guidance on your way forward regarding this question, then meditating upon Winged Disk will help you find the inspiration, wise guidance and success that you seek.

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