Water as You

Water is a moveable sign. It indicates an upcoming change or alteration of some kind relating to the question or this position in the reading.
Water is, of course, related to the astrological water signs (Cancer, Scorpio Pisces), and has a lot of the same traits – Like actual water, these signs can have hidden depths. They can be refreshing, or an overwhelming tsunami of emotion.

The actual definition of this specific card in the Cartouche is a little different. It speaks of the emotions, fluidity, sympathy, and an ability to reflect life. Water is flexible. It can be gentle, it can be dynamic. So if you’ve chosen Water to represent yourself, it’s likely that one or more of these traits make up your personality. You sympathise and empathise, while deeply understanding the other point of view.

Something to remember about Water – even when it’s flowing gently along, it can wear down the hardest rock over time. This card would indicate an ability to go with the flow, while at the same time, moving towards a specific desired outcome.

As ever, the undercurrents of Water are the emotions. Are you suppressing something in yourself? Are you stagnating? How would an honest look at the way you are feeling about this situation open you up to moving through it? Once you’ve opened up the flood gates, would it be possible to flush discomfort away through acknowledgement and awareness?

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