Sphinx as the Dynamic between you

Sphinx is a fixed sign. It indicates a stabilising effect. The condition it refers to doesn’t necessarily need to change.

The Sphinx suggests discrete observation. It suggests that your relationship can be personified as a wise person who knows more than they hear, but who keeps that information to themselves until the time is right.

Because of this Sphinx is associated with the ability to keep secrets, but at the same time manage to wheedle them out of other people. If information is power, are one or both of you using it as currency in your relationship?

Another aspect of the Sphinx is that it represents our equality with the other animals, and thus the implications of the card include the love of animals. It also holds the energy of secrecy, observation, and patience.

If the Sphinx has shown up as your relationship card, then it’s possible that its personality exhibits much of the same energy as has been described above. Regarding your relationship, there are likely secrets and confidences. These could be within the relationship (if positive) or externally and about the relationship if not.

If either of you is unhappy in this relationship, it’s possible that this energy will be exacerbated. In such a case, it can become extreme – and can present as indiscretion, inattentiveness, reticence, impatience, and cruelty caused by indifference.

So, each of you should commit to listening more than you talk. Discretion is the better part of valour, so make sure that you keep whatever cards you have close to your chest until such a time that it’s safe and appropriate to share them. Words carry weight. Know that whatever it is you are asking about, it might take a lot longer to appear than you’d like. Patience, while not much fun, is very much a virtue in this instance.

A great man once said, “You’re only paranoid if you’re wrong”. Are you being paranoid? Or not? Meditate on Sphinx to clear away the trees in order that you might properly see the wood. Or rather, keep a still tongue and open ears, so that you see and hear the truth of the situation.

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