Sirius as Your Lover

Sirius is a moveable sign. It indicates an upcoming change or alteration of some kind relating to the question or this position in the reading.

Sirius was the sacred star of the ancients. It has both physical and psychic connotations. Thus, this card represents all genuine contacts with other intelligences in the universe, but at the same time deals with ordinary physical strength and energy. Meanings that are associated with this card are universal awareness, space travel, adventure, and strength.

Sirius represents any activity that requires strength combined with some sort of skill – for example, sports or martial arts. If you see Sirius here, there’s a possibility that your partner is interested in or a participant in such sports. Or alternatively that their occupation requires not only brains but a bit of brawn too.

Alternatively, from a mental point of view, Sirius is the guiding star of any pioneering project that might require dogged determination and stamina. It may be that your partner possesses these qualities already? Or it may be that the question you are asking indicates that you feel they would benefit from such personality traits if the pair of you are going to reach a successful outcome.

Note: If you find Pyramid, Thoth, or Osiris in the ‘Dynamic’ (Card three) position of this reading, then that inner idea you’ve had is very likely to bear fruit in reality, rather than staying as a pipe dream.

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