Set as You

Set is a moveable sign. It indicates an upcoming change or alteration of some kind relating to the question or this position in the reading.
Set is the bad boy of the Cartouche cards. In mythology, he was the one who killed Osiris, chopped him into pieces, and then scattered him far and wide, so Isis couldn’t find him. Plot twist – she did.

Historically, he was the enemy of Horus, Osiris’ son. He’s known as the Prince of Darkness and the energies that this card brings along with it are associated with opposition delays and problems at all levels.

He was married to Nephthys and was the father of Anubis, so if either or both of those cards appear in this reading, take a look at any potential soul contract that might be involved in this relationship.

If Set appears in your reading then you’re probably already acutely aware of the hold-ups, delays, and opposition that you might have experienced before you’ve come to ask about a solution here.

However even though Set is the Egyptian bad guy, remember that he was ultimately defeated by Horus. Horus represents the light, where Set represents the dark. Horus overcame Set (and banished him to rule the chaotic desert), and you can overcome the problems that you are facing right now.

Additionally, in some mythology, ironically, when you find Set in your reading, most of the setbacks, worries, and delays that you are experiencing can be put down to some sort of self-sabotage. Yes – there are problems but when you look closely at them are you totally sure that you’re not a contributing factor?

Are you holding yourself back in some way? Do you truly desire the result you are asking about?

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