Scarab as You

Scarab is a moveable sign. It indicates an upcoming change or alteration of some kind relating to the question or this position in the reading.

The Scarab is the god of resurrection and immortality. It speaks of renewal, adaptability, and acceptance. If you see a Scarab in your reading, then it’s talking about a new beginning or a new phase of your life. It also suggests the ability to either adapt to a new situation or to accept an existing one that cannot be changed.

In the second case, the implication is that a change in attitude towards the situation will relax the tension, which will then release the brakes on any resistance. This way whatever has been holding up the change or causing the stagnation will be released, allowing you to move forward.

If the Scarab appears in your reading, then a new situation or the acceptance of an existing one (leading to a change) certainly forms part of the picture.

A new beginning or a spiritual (or psychological, or physical) rebirth is indicated when you see Scarab. What was once an irrefutable truth for you that now you consider to be incomplete?

It is time for a change of mind? Is there something that you’ve set stuck with? Is there some part of your brain that has been holding you back from achieving your dreams? Perhaps now would be a time to address that little voice that’s sapping your confidence so much. It might have kept you safe in the past, but you’re better, stronger and wiser now. Have a chat with yourself and let that little voice know that you’ll not only be able to cope… You’re going to crush it.

Are you considering some new type of education that will help you achieve the goals you have? Or perhaps it’s time to make a short journey that will change your life? If you’ve not already planned either of these things, take a little time to look into your options.

Do you feel well and truly stuck in a rut? Then Scarab is here to tell you to stop struggling. Accept what IS. Once you’ve admitted the truth of the situation to yourself, and learned the lesson that life is trying to teach you, then the brakes will come off and you’ll be able to move on in the direction you desire.

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