Pyramid as Your Lover

Pyramid is a fixed sign. It indicates a stabilising effect. The condition it refers to doesn’t necessarily need to change.

The Pyramid is the Egyptian symbol of the evolution of the soul through time. It talks about timelessness, initiation, and preservation. In this way, it refers to a timeless and ageless approach to the situation at hand.

Because of this, the Pyramid can be equated with optimism or the ability to sense future changes or conditions. It also indicates an ability to evaluate past lessons and learn from them.

If this card has appeared in the reading as your partner, it would indicate that their character displays at least some of the energies mentioned above. The Pyramid retains a certain amount of mystery (contemplate all of the hidden passageways and boobytraps of the tombs) so it’s possible that they are similar in nature. Difficult to get to know, and with untold inner depths.

If they are struggling, then the Pyramid indicates that it’s possible that they have lost their optimism or their ability to sense future changes or conditions. It might also indicate that they are struggling to able to evaluate past lessons and learn from them. Because of its nature, the Pyramid is often a sign that something they desire is taking a lot longer than they would like. It can also point to regression, limitations, and corruption.

But equally, it does suggest a degree of reliability and balanced conservation.

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