Ptah as You

Ptah is a fixed sign. It indicates a stabilising effect. The condition it refers to doesn’t necessarily need to change.
At the spiritual level, Ptah represents the construction of your ‘spiritual temple’. Which is a bit of a dramatic way of saying that this is a step in your life path. Every one of your experiences contributes to your evolution and path back to your creator.

If Ptah has appeared for you, it’s possible that you are looking for some kind of solution to a problem. Do you need to use your ingenuity or inventiveness to solve a conundrum? Or are you looking for someone who can help you produce some kind of desired result? If you are, then whatever your idea, don’t dismiss it before looking at the practicalities of bringing it to fruition.

Ptah’s energy is that of positive masculinity, ingenuity, and inventiveness. He’s a craftsman, and dextrous in his abilities. Do you need that kind of help, or do you display those kinds of abilities? Ptah is practical and able to deal with any kind of work – from hard labour to the most intricate of technical issues. He deals with new inventions and scientific discoveries. He loves a gadget.

Ptah represents the gentle caring side of a man who does not need to resort to violence to make his point. All of this would indicate that even if you’re female, you share these same traits of creativity, ingenuity, and practicality. And because Ptah is considered to be the ‘nice guy’ of the deck, helping out where and when he can, it’s likely that you are considered to be someone who is appreciated for their support.

He’s associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius and in some myths, he was married to Sekhmet.

Ptah is all about practical solutions, and if you’ve chosen his card, that’s what you need to find. The most effective way you could move forward is to identify what proactive, practical, and physical steps you could take, right now, to help yourself feel better. Don’t be put off by any disparity between how you feel at the moment and how you’d ideally like to feel, Ptah will help you work out the easiest, fastest and most effective path from here to there.

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