Lotus as the Dynamic between you

Lotus is a fixed sign. It indicates a stabilising effect. The condition it refers to doesn’t necessarily need to change.
The Lotus was the first thing that emerged from the waters of chaos in Egyptian myth. And chaos was, in the minds of the ancient Egyptians at least, the very epitome of evil. Set, the evil God of Chaos was excommunicated by Horus to rule the desert – and nothing could be a bigger punishment! So with Lotus comes a sense of calm and organisation.

If you’ve picked this card to represent your relationship, it’s likely that it exhibits some of that same peaceful energy.

Alternatively, if the question regarding your relationship is one about which you are both deeply concerned, it could be that you are hoping for more of the calm energy of the Lotus in your desire to find a working solution.

The Lotus is one of the best Cartouche symbols to help you deal with the stresses and tensions that are usually associated with modern life. This is especially true if you also find Nephthys appearing in your reading as her energies augment those of the Lotus. Its message is one of peace and relaxation.

Once we relax, our subconscious minds can take the wheel for a while, and after a bit of percolation, will come up with the answers that our conscious minds have been striving for (usually unsuccessfully). Would it benefit you both just to ‘be’ for a little while rather than trying urgently to find a solution?

Lotus brings with it the energies of continuity, meditation, and placidity. It reminds us that events themselves have very little effect on our experience in this life. However… our reactions to those events, which in turn create emotions, have a massive effect on how we feel. We are in control of how we respond. Always.

If the pair of you are feeling frenetic, then contemplating the Lotus card is reputed to produce a steady alpha pattern in your brainwaves, inducing calmness and tranquility. From this place of peace, you’ll be able to work out a path (that works for you both) to find the solution to your situation.

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