Crook and Flail as Your Lover

Crook and Flail is a fixed sign. It indicates a stabilising effect. The condition it refers to doesn’t necessarily need to change.
In ancient Egyptian times, the Crook and Flail were emblems of the Pharaoh’s authority and a hint of that energy is retained by this card. It carries the same implication wherever it appears – from the smallest private social group to the largest corporation. This card talks about leadership, authority, and the self-discipline required to achieve both of them.

If the Crook and Flail card appears for your partner, usually it’s because we are talking about some sort of leadership or authority issue. It’s a very ‘grown-up’ energy in that there’s not much room for fun with this card. Just a ‘knuckle down, get it done’ kind of vibe.

If you have chosen the Crook and Flail to represent your partner, then it’s likely that at least some of the energy described above it evidenced in their personality. It might also mean that they rather enjoy ordering people around and taking charge of every situation.

It’s possible that it’s time for them to step up and take their place in the world. It also implies authority within the home, club, or team and its appearance refers to worldly status. Is it time that they set more boundaries? Or is it time the started accepting yours?

And finally, if you are fed up with being told what to do, it’s possible that they might benefit from looking more closely at how your partner is interacting with you.

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