Ankh as the Dynamic between you

Ankh is a moveable sign. It indicates an upcoming change or alteration of some kind relating to the question or this position in the reading.

The Ankh was the symbol of new life in ancient Egypt and was even referred to as the Key to Life. It was believed to convey the power of the gods to unlock the door to immortality. In this context, it means life force, understanding, and emotional love rather than being a symbol of sexual promiscuity, which is the meaning that modern society has tried to assign to it.

Instead, its true meaning is a type of lifeforce that is all about universal love and a balanced existence. It talks of enthusiasm and a desire to live life doing the things you both love with the people you love. If the Ankh card represents your relationship, then at least some of the energies mentioned above will be present in it.

If however, you are concerned about your relationship at all, it may be that instead, one or both of you could feel as if you are living the wrong life, doing the wrong things, and spending your time in the wrong place with the wrong people. It can mean the end of one season of your life and the start of another. It can also mean rejection, withdrawal, or unrequited infatuation.

In order to retain a balanced outlook in this relationship, the pair of you need to spend time doing things that you love. So work out what those things are. What lights you up? What do you love? What will make you happiest? Do those things.
Perhaps this discomfort is coming from a sensation of jarring with the people and environments around you? Meditating on Ankh opens you up to self-acceptance. Only once we learn to love ourselves can we truly allow others to love us. Know that you are worthy, you are loved, and that you are enough.

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