Winged Disc

The Winged Disc is emblematic of the flight of the spirit to higher realms. This is the card of unadulterated success and augurs well for whatever you consider to be achievement and a positive outcome.

If you see this card in your reading then it’s telling you that you do have access to divine guidance, that you are inspired and that achievement is almost guaranteed.

If Winged Disc appears in your reading, then everything is going to turn out OK. In fact… better than OK!It’s going to be the best possible outcome. In Cartouche terms, this is the winning card.

Card Reading - Winged Disc

Egyptian Symbol: Sun or solar disk borne by two ornamented wings
Egyptian Identity: Emblematic of the flight of the spirit to higher realms
Nature: Moveable

Upright meanings of Card:
  • Divine guidance
  • Inspiration
  • Achievement
Reversed meanings of Card:
  • Blind obedience
  • Self-deception
  • Failure

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