The Scarab is the god of resurrection and immortality. It speaks of renewal, adaptability and acceptance.

If you see a Scarab in your reading, then it’s talking about a new beginning or a new phase of your life. It also suggests the ability to either adapt to a new situation, or to accept an existing one that cannot be changed.

In the second case, the implication is that a change in attitude towards the situation will relax the tension, which will then release the brakes on any resistance. This way whatever has been holding up the change in situation or causing the stagnation will be released, allowing the questioner to move forward.

Card Reading - Scarab

Egyptian Symbol: a Scarab beetle
Egyptian Identity: KHEPERA, god of resurrection and immortality
Nature: Moveable

Upright meanings of Card:
  • Renewal
  • Adaptability
  • Acceptance
Reversed meanings of Card:
  • Neglect
  • Rebellion
  • Resentment

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