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The Cartouche Cards are an amazing way of connecting with inner wisdom. Traditionally they were created as a healing modality, but over the years have evolved into a tool to access global understanding. Health, wealth, happiness. Whatever you need help with, whenever it is needed.

I’ve been reading these cards for twenty years and I’ve profited from using them in every part of my life since then. 

Now they can help you find YOUR best way forward – in life, love, business – whatever is needed.

Alli Graham


Options for you to consider.
If they don’t offer what you need, contact me and we’ll work out something that does.

Uniquely You Membership – £99/m

Life Guidance using the Cartouche Cards. There is no point struggling. It’s not like we get extra credit… So if there’s a way to tap into your own wisdom, and be mentored by your higher self, then why wouldn’t you use it?

Our Uniquely You Membership provides a monthly reading session. 45 minutes each month, where you can ask as many questions as we can get through, about whatever you want. Life, love, business, money, health – whatever you need guidance about each month.

Readings are performed live via Zoom and recorded for you so that you can refer back to them.

Included in this Membership are all of the automated and live readings from this site.

Private Reading £49/30 minutes

Whatever you need to know about, but as a stand-alone session. Thirty minutes live, recorded consultation. Business, love, life, the Universe and everything. It’s entirely up to you.

Thanks Alli, for the amazing readings. Some fantastic insights into what I’m facing, the challenges I need to be aware of and the energy around some of the decisions I need to make. Comprehensive & perceptive. Exactly what I needed.
Card Reading - Anubis
Business Owner
The Cartouche cards are brilliant if you want a blunt and to the point answer to a question.There's no wishy washy, fluffy bullshit. But that’s what you need when you’re wanting to make a decision or you are worried about the future.Spookily accurate and super helpful in times of uncertainty.And if you want the added bonus of a supportive ear and clear translator of the cards' messages, book a private reading with Alli. She brings smarts, sympathy and support. What more could you need. The dream team are a fabulous addition to anyone’s life ♥️
Card Reading - Horus
Business Owner

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